About Us

Imagine India with equal opportunities for all the citizens and everyone contributing towards nation building.

Then imagine yourself helping others achieve their dreams; supporting the less privileged to do something big or uplifting the person in need in your capacity. The spark which motivates you to do this is “Aarohanam”.
Aarohanam envisions a society where there is an equal opportunity for all to nurture their skills and the individual can utilize their capabilities at the full bloom for the development of the nation.

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What We Do

We Spread Helping Hand To Who Are Helpless


Through Venture Cube, we are addressing the challenges of Modern India through Sustainable and Inclusive development models.

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Art & Culture

Art Festivals are a unique and innovative approach to preserve the Indian tradition and promote the culture.

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Green Environment

With GrowUp, we are converting the left out roofs into green rooftop gardens. Through Greenovation, we are converting waste plastic into useful plastics.

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We are building libraries, supplying educational materials to rural children with limited access to learning materials.

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What The Causes

Donate to Charity Causes Around The World


Help us build a library in Rohtas for poor rural children

XYX village in Rohtas, Bihar is deprived of good elementary education and there is no support for poor children to come study and spend time with their counterparts. We are building a library where these children can come and spend time and thereby stay away from unlawful acts.

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Help us reduce the plastic wastes from the streets

We are converting the single and multiple use plastic wastes into something useful. We are collecting the eco bricks and with the help of SHG ladies, we are turning them into useful products.

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Help us in growing plants at the doorstep of a poor family

Poor families are hungry not because of unavailability of food, but because of unawareness of skills to grow their own. We are not providing food to poor families but are training them to grow their basic foods at their homes themselves.

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